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Russell is a .Net developer based in Lancashire in the UK.  His day job is as a C# developer for the UK's largest online white-goods retailer, DRL Limited.

His weekend job entails alternately demolishing and constructing various bits of his home, much to the distress of his fiance Kelly, 3-year-old daughter Amelie, and menagerie of pets.


  1. Fix dodgy keywords Google is scraping from my blog
  2. Complete migration of NHaml from Google Code to GitHub
  3. ReTelnet Mock Telnet Server à la Jetty
  4. Learn to use Git
  5. Complete beta release FHEMDotNet
  6. Publish FHEMDotNet on Google Code
  7. Learn NancyFX library
  8. Pull RussPAll/NHaml into NHaml/NHaml
  9. Open Source Blackberry Twitter app
  10. Other stuff

Enterprise Logging Part 2 - Logging From .Net to RabbitMq via Log4Net

Hi all,

I'm back with Part 2 of my plan to log, search, graph and alert on milllions of log messages with Log4Net, RabbitMq, GrayLog2 and NEsper. I must confess, I've been pretty astonished at the reaction to part 1 (a week later I was still seeing 4 times my normal blog traffic), so I guess I've gotta follow through and see the plan to fruition!

I'm going to start at the application end today, I'm going to install RabbitMq on a Windows box, and demonstrate a .Net application sending messages to it via a custom Log4Net appender (Gelf4Net over at


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