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Russell is a .Net developer based in Lancashire in the UK.  His day job is as a C# developer for the UK's largest online white-goods retailer, DRL Limited.

His weekend job entails alternately demolishing and constructing various bits of his home, much to the distress of his fiance Kelly, 3-year-old daughter Amelie, and menagerie of pets.


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Wall Mounting a HP Compaq TC1100 Tablet Computer

Hi all,

A Compaq TC1100 Tablet PCA bit of a departure from the norm with this post, in that there's no coding involved!  Some background story to start.  A couple of years back I acquired a second hand HP Compaq TC1100 tablet PC. First off, this tablet is a proper thing of beauty - okay it's a bit chunky, but it's certainly aged well.  My plans were to fit it in my kitchen so that I could stream video recipes, TV (via the excellent DVBViewer), online radio, etc.  The only problem I had - where to fit it?  I don't want it just lying around on the worktop, it'll get covered in oil, crumbs, all sorts. And how exactly do you stick a computer to a wall!?

The solution of where to put it was quickly and simply sorted - I've got a run of wall cabinets which run into a corner, I can simply attach the tablet to to the inside of a cupboard door.  When I want to use it, I can just open the cupboard door against the wall, and there it is.  When not in use, it's safely hidden away.

So the next question - how does one mount a tablet PC on the inside of a laminated cupboard door?  There were three goes at this, and I hope I'm third time lucky.

Attempt 1- Obvious initial answer - good ol' stick-on Velcro! This worked for a while, but ultimately was a failure - the stuff works okay for a few weeks or months, but then the Velcro hooks seem to lose their grip, and there's a worrying potential for the thing to fall off the door and end up in bits.

Attempt 2 - is there any space inside the case for me to drill out some holes in the back of the case and hook this onto screws in the cupboard door? It's certainly a long term solution, but has the drawbacks that it involves exactly what I've just described - cutting holes in my treasured TC1100 and screwing things into my beloved new kitchen!  Nope!

Attempt 3 - This is where I'm at now - I actually happened upon this by chance.  I've spotted in a supermarket a product called Command Strips, manufactured by 3M (the people who thanks to Scotchlite help me not get run over on my bike, and the same people who supplied my other half's replacement teeth after she was run over on her bike). These things are totally perfect for the job!  They stick onto anything, they can easily be removed via a ninja stretchy-glue substance, and they seem rock solid once they're attached.  Fingers crossed this will be my permanant solution!

Command™ Picture & Mirror Hanging Strips Medium, 1Kg, For Hanging Pictures

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